About Us

Our Story

Litivate represents a new paradigm in which knowledge, technology and customer support converge to blaze a new trail through the litigation process.

Leadership Distinguishes Us

Litivate Reporting + Trial Services is a company built by clients. Our ownership consists of a trial lawyer and litigation paralegal who were former end users of the products and services we provide. Litivate started because the owners recognized an inherent need in the industry for a litigation support provider who not only knew what to do, but also had an understanding of why they were doing it. This unique combination of know-how and empathic connection with members of the litigation team and what they go through on a daily basis separates us from the competition. When you call us with a problem and we tell you that we understand, we do, because we’ve been there before.

Culture Drives Us

Our company culture is defined by our passion for why we do what we do. Our cause is to help our clients seek justice for theirs. Our mission is to remove barriers in order to discover the truth. Our vision is to achieve this through the application of technology and innovative guidance provided by industry experts. This client-centric approach is reflected in our leadership, our employees and how we interact with one another on a daily basis. Built on an unyielding foundation of loyalty and selflessness, Litivate ensures both client satisfaction in our results and employee fulfillment in a collaborative job well done.


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