E-Discovery Solutions

Locate the key documents in your case with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Litivate’s e-discovery platform provides affordable, instant online access to your complete evidentiary database and case documents. Our e-discovery product, DISCO, is an ultra-secure cloud-based alternative to conventional e-discovery solutions. Designed to increase search speed, accuracy, and ease of use, it is equally appropriate for smaller matters or complex document intensive litigation. You and your client will be impressed with the cost savings.

Service Features

Online Document Depository for Construction Defect and Complex Litigation

Litivate maintains an online depository for construction defect and complex business litigation matters that offers easy document review for all parties. Our entry level document depository is complimentary for all parties to a case utilizing our deposition services.

Free Document Management Data Processing

Litivate’s pricing model for Document Management is both transparent and simple. Pay only an annual subscription or a flat monthly fee per GB for the hosting services with no separate charge for intake, processing, conversion or production.

Accelerated Search Capability

Our search engine performs up to 10X faster than comparable services, regardless of data volume, user count or the complexity of search. The search function capabilities are unmatched in the industry.

Unmatched Simplicity

Litivate’s Document Management product was designed by lawyers, for lawyers. Each function and feature is simple and easy to use for even the less technically-inclined user.

Superior Quality Control

With Litivate’s Document Management product there are several methods to QC document searches and detect errors. You can sample document output with coding fields, or use the interactive dashboard to chart errors in tagging patterns where these errors occur. Utilizing data from only a few documents, your team can easily comprehend the scale of errors across vast quantities of documents.

Engineered Data Security

Airtight security is the driving factor throughout our engineering and operations processes. Litivate hosts documents in the private cloud of Amazon’s AWS distributed infrastructure, meeting security best practices and well known IT standards.


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