Efficiency Leads to Excellence

Litivate Reporting + Trial Services helps you execute in the moment of need while anticipating what comes next. Uniquely designed by a team of litigation experts, our fully integrated suite of services ensure a self-executing, seamless journey through the litigation process.


    Litivate's court reporting services blend technology with know-how to give your litigation team an edge.


    Litivate connects you with invaluable discovery materials where and when you need them.


    From litigation war rooms to complex multimedia presentations, Litivate provides the trial preparation and support services you need.


    Litivate's innovative graphics services make complex concepts simple to understand.


  • The staff sets Litivate apart from any other providers I have worked with. Their operations, calendar, and sale representatives provide guidance when I have questions – they are smart and know their business inside and out. In my experience they get it right every time.

    Margo C. Banowicz - Litigation Secretary, The Veen Firm
  • I was brought in on a complex case with a large volume of documents which I needed to review in a short time frame. With 72 hours to review literally millions of pages, Litivate’s intuitive e-discovery product, DISCO, saved the day and helped me locate precisely what I needed. I truly believe my use of DISCO was instrumental throughout the case. DISCO is fast, accurate and easy to navigate – by far the best e-discovery program I have ever used.

    Julie Corbo-Ridley - Attorney, Hurst & Hurst
  • I consider Litivate’s trial techs a critical component to my litigation practice. They draw upon their significant experience in legal and hours spent in the court room to provide consultancy at every level. I include Litivate early on in the process as they contribute to substantive case theme and theory development as well as pre-trial visual strategy. When called upon in court, evidence is displayed to the jury, with flawless execution.

    Dennis A. Schoville, Attorney