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Introducing the Litivate Blog

Introducing the Litivate Blog

Welcome to the new Litivate Blog, a resource designed specifically with you in mind. Through this Blog, we plan to share trends, best practices, and advances in Court Reporting, eDiscovery, and Litigation Services.

Before we committed to launching the Litivate Blog, we asked ourselves where or not we wanted to commit to a blog, could we offer a unique perspective, and was it a proper platform for us to communicate with litigation professionals? The answer was a resounding ‘Yes’! As experts in providing Court Reporting, eDiscovery, Trial Services, and Legal Graphics, the Litivate team has developed unique insights into the litigation process. From courtroom seasoned attorneys to eDiscovery experts to outstanding demonstrative evidence artists, Litivate leads with a team that has done the work and truly understands how to achieve winning results.

While we’re committed to delivering exceptional service with time tested technologies, we are also constantly evaluating new trial techniques, developments, and litigation tools. So, we see the Litivate blog as an opportunity to engage, communicate, and collaborate with our clients and the litigation community through thought-provoking articles, informative perspectives, and visions of what’s to come.

Tips and Advice From Deposition through Trial

Litigation is a constantly evolving process, one that requires a sincere commitment to details while keeping an eye on new developments. From court reporting through courtroom presentation, successful litigation requires a partner dedicated to helping you achieve your success. Take our Court Reporting services for example. It’s not enough to simply to report and transcribe a deposition; it must be accomplished using technology that ensures you receive a clean transcript that is timely and contains all the tools you need to display the testimony at trial.

Working as your partner, our goal here is to educate ourselves and share the knowledge we gain with you so that you can handle your cases with the highest degree of confidence. We’re fortunate to have a team of litigation experts that routinely collaborate and share amongst themselves. And now, through this blog, you’ll have direct access to them. We invite you to be part of the conversation.

Looking Forward

In the coming months, you can expect to read more about topics such as these:

  • Court Reporting – From best practices to real-time streaming, hear from members of our court reporting team
  • eDiscovery – We’ll take the mystery out of eDiscovery and help you understand the true costs and best processes for achieving a favorable outcome
  • Trial Services – Presenting a winning case takes dedication to detail, from the war room to delivery, our experts will present lessons from the trenches
  • Litigation Graphics – Everyone knows that ‘seeing is believing,’ but how your case translates graphically in the courtroom may have a significant impact on the outcome. We’ll share war-stories from some of our most interesting cases

Let’s Get Started

We hope you’re as excited as we are and will join us in exploring how litigation is changing and what it takes to win. We’ve prepared a content-rich calendar for the coming months, and from time to time we’ll include breaking case news when appropriate.

Ultimately, the Litivate blog is for you…and we want to be sure we are covering the topics and issues you want to see covered…please feel free to reach out and suggest topics you’d like to see addressed here. Please send your ideas and thoughts on future blog posts to

So, without further ado…enjoy the Litivate Blog!

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