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It is now considered to be conventional wisdom that all fact finders—judges, juries, arbitrators, and mediators—need to “see it to believe it.” Therefore, Litivate’s trial presentation graphics consulting perspective is always based on the perceived needs of the recipient, not necessarily the individual lawyer or expert. Designers with more than 60 years combined industry experience lead Litivate’s creative department. Using our proprietary Visual Strategy method, we create outcome-specific presentations by combining focused design with top level animation and multimedia skills to teach any subject and reach any level of fact finder comprehension.

Experienced Graphic Designers

Litivate’s executive graphics team is led by two of the top graphic artists in the field, boasting a combined 60 years of experience providing litigation graphics.  Our visual strategy support specialists are vetted for core capabilities, with an emphasis on their ability to turn out high quality work, under pressure, with minimal direction in a trial atmosphere.

Visual Strategy

Our graphic designers collaborate directly with your team to determine the best method to achieve your goals using visual communications.  We begin by conceptualizing the ideal outcome, then work backwards to build paths to achieve it. This strategy allows us to illuminate the portions of your trial where visual communication will be an effective tool.

On-Site Trial Graphics

Litivate’s graphic designers located across the country can provide on-site support for your trial. Depending on your specific needs, we will either utilize regional designers, or send a specialized team to the location of your trial.

Multiple Mediums

Litivate provides graphic design support across multiple mediums, including medical illustrations, interactive media, computer animation, photography, video, trial boards and physical models.

Subject Matter Expertise

Litivate has visually supported cases in nearly every discipline imaginable, including construction defect, employment, patent, medical malpractice, personal injury, business litigation, insurance bad faith and criminal law.


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