San Diego Court Reporting

From complimentary conference suites to cutting-edge technology, Litivate is your global, full service litigation Court Reporting team in San Diego, California.

Litivate listens carefully and guides you to solutions tailored specifically to your needs resulting in a seamless, full-service experience in and out of the deposition room. Your San Diego Court Reporter is selected from an elite group that are each first carefully screened for speed, accuracy, practice area expertise, and technological capability. We also provide the technologies appropriate for your needs: video, real-time reporting, or text/video streaming.

Service Features

National and International Coverage

Whether state-side or international, Litivate’s expansive network of qualified court reporters and legal resources can support you no matter where your case goes.

Video Services

Our talented certified legal videographers capture high-quality video of your deposition which we offer in variety of formats, including DVD, MPEG1, MPEG4 or synchronized with text and linked exhibits. Litivate’s picture-in-picture technology allows you to display electronic documents to a witness during a deposition, as well as record mouse movements, highlighting and other document manipulation in real time. All captured video easily synchronizes with corresponding transcripts for use at mediations, arbitrations and trials to help bring testimony to life.

Realtime Text and Video

Litivate utilizes state-of-the-art technology to offer both live text feed and remote streaming video during depositions, allowing you and remote participants to follow testimony and see it as it happens.

Conference Rooms and Video Conferencing

Litivate’s extensive network of videoconference facilities save you the time and expense of traveling to take a deposition. State-of-the-art equipment at each video conference facility ensures crystal clear audio and video and features electronic document sharing, split screen views, and video recording.

Remote Desktop Depositions

Litivate’s dynamic web-based platform offers true flexibility – the flexibility to attend depositions live across the globe, to share electronic exhibits between attendees, and the ability to connect using any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with a webcam. Our remote deposition services offer collaboration features including secure private group chat, paperless exhibit exchange and the ability to search, highlight and notate transcripts in real time.

Online Repository and Scheduling

Search, download and print transcripts and exhibits online from any computer with Litivate’s complimentary Client Web Portal. You and your support staff have 24/7 access to our comprehensive repository where you can view documents, schedule depositions and review invoices.


Whether it’s a foreign-language deponent or a multi-language meeting, Litivate will provide qualified language interpreters to make sure nothing gets lost in translation.


Schedule a consultation with Litivate today to learn how we can help you optimize your process – and win your case.