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A few of the things our clients have to say about their experience with Litivate.

Court Reporting

We had one instance of an electronic file not working with our system and Litivate went above my expectations to get it to work the way we needed and did so quickly. There was personal contact with the tech team, an ongoing dialogue for the issue and an effort to make sure it would not happen again. That’s more than I can say for many reporting services. Communication, consistency and a client first attitude make Litivate easy to work with and why I recommend them to all my colleagues.

Karen Bringola - Senior Paralegal, Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP

I will continue to highly recommend Litivate because of the top notch customer service provided by their representatives. My personal rep in San Francisco is highly experienced, very friendly and I truly appreciate that he always responds quickly to all my emails! He “walks his talk!” and takes full responsibility from booking to delivery of my transcripts.

Malou Sana - Legal Assistant, Bryan Cave

The staff sets Litivate apart from any other providers I have worked with. Their operations, calendar, and sale representatives provide guidance when I have questions – they are smart and know their business inside and out. In my experience they get it right every time.

Margo C. Banowicz - Litigation Secretary, The Veen Firm

After years of litigating cases I can say that Litivate’s transcript product is the most user-friendly I have ever worked with. In my last case, with over 90 depositions to keep straight, it was so nice to refer back to their electronic transcript files which were organized and intuitive. In the middle of trial, the last thing I want to do late at night is waste time searching for information that should be easy to access. Utility is essential for me as a trial lawyer and Litivate has that in spades.

Brett Schreiber - Partner, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire

Document Management

I was brought in on a complex case with a large volume of documents which I needed to review in a short time frame. With 72 hours to review literally millions of pages, Litivate’s intuitive e-discovery product, DISCO, saved the day and helped me locate precisely what I needed. I truly believe my use of DISCO was instrumental throughout the case. DISCO is fast, accurate and easy to navigate – by far the best e-discovery program I have ever used.

Julie Corbo-Ridley - Attorney, Hurst & Hurst

Trial Presentation

I consider Litivate’s trial techs a critical component to my litigation practice. They draw upon their significant experience in legal and hours spent in the court room to provide consultancy at every level. I include Litivate early on in the process as they contribute to substantive case theme and theory development as well as pre-trial visual strategy. When called upon in court, evidence is displayed to the jury, with flawless execution.

Dennis A. Schoville, Attorney

I suppose indefinite bandwidth is the most apropos way to describe them. In a complex trial out in Florida I was one of three separate defense teams on the case and responsible for coordinating video in lieu of witnesses for all parties. Though I am certain he was not expecting to have to do this, Litivate’s tech was able to prepare the video for all parties as well as give me the personal attention I needed as his primary client on the case.

William S. Boggs - Senior Counsel, DLA Piper

I try patent infringement cases and have done so for decades. After working with the team from Litivate, particularly Mr. Thorsnes, they are always my first choice for trial support. Things sometimes get crazy behind the scenes of a trial, and when you need support for hours upon end, they are there. At 2 am, at 4 am, and when the first witness of the day takes the stand, they are there. We tried and won three jury trials in SD CA and they helped immensely every minute of each trial with superlative work. In my 30+ years of practice no other trial tech support has approached their dedication to excellence.

Eric H. Weisblatt - Partner, Hunton & Williams

We arrived at the trial site in a very small California town with next to nothing in terms of resources to try a case in a high value matter. On recommendation from local counsel, I hired Litivate. Within hours they turned our low rise motel conference room with no Internet and two electrical outlets into a high functioning litigation war room that served the needs of our trial team. While the case resolved early on, thanks to Litivate, we had confidence our trial team could perform for months due to their technical precision and resourceful solutions.

James E. Green, JR - Partner, Conner & Winters


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