Trial Presentation

Let our Trial Presentation technicians help you display your case evidence precisely the way you want the jury to receive it.

We understand that trial is the ultimate test for both lawyer and support professional. Because Litivate’s attorney and paralegal owners and management have “been there, done that before,” we are uniquely qualified to support litigators who demand flawless execution during the heat of trial and the long hours of war room preparation. As a result, our trial presentation “hot seat” specialists have more hours logged in court than most lawyers will have in a lifetime, and deliver an experience hallmarked by superior guidance, consultancy, and case management.

Service Features

Case Theme and Theory Development

Litivate’s trial consultants provide dynamic, interactive case strategy guidance.  Our team helps you extrapolate complex case concepts and develop cohesive themes and theories, as well as identify the most efficient method to display supporting evidence.

Pre-Trial Focus Groups

Test your approach in front of mock jurors in our focus group facilities, which are equipped with video and audio recording, allowing you to capture and review the discussions as you prepare for trial or mediation.  Our advanced technology even allows you to stream the discussion to your client so they can participate remotely.

High Exposure Matter Specialists

Our trial technicians have direct experience with a range of cases varying in practice area, proceeding length, and exposure. We are prepared to help you whether you need a single “hot seat” tech in a short cause matter, or need to mobilize a full team to handle your high stakes trials. Litivate’s trial technicians have experience working on cases in excess of $1B in exposure.

War Room Design and Consultation

Litivate eliminates the stress from your trial preparation with expert war room development services. Our team has extensive experience in the design and creation of high functioning war rooms in hotels, law firms and office buildings  across the country.

Nationwide Service

Litivate has trial technicians strategically located across the country to serve you and your clients in any jurisdiction.

Video Production and Editing

The articulation and presentation of video evidence plays a pivotal role in how your case is perceived by the trier of fact.  The Litivate team expertly collaborates with counsel, strategically utilizing video testimony to capture those key moments during the deposition that convey your message.  Whether you require video clips or preparation of video in lieu of live, Litivate generates crisp and accurate video that ensures a clean presentation to the trier of fact.

Local Court Familiarity

Upon engagement, Litivate’s technicians become familiar with your case venue, local rules, and courtroom conditions to ensure the maximum impact of your evidence display.  We give you immediate feedback and make you aware of any considerations which might affect your presentation.  Our front end preparation and communication helps you maneuver more efficiently so you can concern yourself with the intricacies of trying your case and not the logistics of how it is presented in the courtroom.

Trial Binder Preparation

Litivate’s technicians receive back end support from our print production facilities that feature high-volume print and scan capabilities.  We can prepare trial binders and trial graphics for court on short notice.


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